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Alice’s trip to Bethesda

A young lady recently spent 3 weeks at Bethesda and here is what she says about her experience:

Looking back on my trip to the trust I feel I really experienced a tremendous amount free online project management tools. When I first arrived they all welcomed me with open arms. The culture was extremely different to anything I have experienced her in England but I slowly adapted to the way they did things.

At the trust I was able to help with some of the financing work, as well as helping with the children where I could.

I found some of the experiences very challenging as obviously it is a hard task to look after and bring up so many children with bad backgrounds, let alone just one. However, the family made sure their first priority was to give the children as much love as they could, a good education and the food they needed.

I’d love to see the trust expand as I saw there is so many children in need of a home and a really generous and selfless family that are willing to help. I especially warmed to the daughter Joyce who is a few years older than me and gives her whole life to the trust, which I admire greatly. It was also nice to see a perspective of someone closer to my age and how they experienced the trust.

I really enjoyed my time at the trust and I’m hoping I can help with some more work, the love and generosity the family give to the children was like no other, I’m praying that things move in the right direction for them.

Alice x

Afirm India


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