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It has been many months since we wrote and a lot has happened in the life of Bethesda since May last year. In August 2017 our Founder/Trustee, Gill, paid a short visit to Bethesda.  The home is running well and the girls are all happy and studying well.  Major works

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Coffee Morning

You are all invited to our coffee morning. Have a cuppa and enjoy a presentation about the work of AFIRM-INDIA, supporting the Bethesda Children’s Home in Bangalore. The home provides for all the children’s needs, food, clothing, education, medical treatment etc in a safe and loving environment. Saturday 27th May

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The opportunities afforded to her will be endless

At the end of September 2016, Rohit and I were blessed with a beautiful little girl.  As the days, weeks and months have passed, it occurs to me how lucky our little one is by being born to us in the UK.  The opportunities afforded to her will be endless:

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Bethesda staff enjoying their day

Alice’s trip to Bethesda

A young lady recently spent 3 weeks at Bethesda and here is what she says about her experience: Looking back on my trip to the trust I feel I really experienced a tremendous amount free online project management tools. When I first arrived they all welcomed me with open arms.

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May 2016 Update

The 5 Trustees of AFIRM visited Bethesda in November 2015. Whilst we were there we looked at various plots of land with a view to purchase. Due to certain Indian rules and regulations we have had to delay the purchase of land until we have been granted FCRA permission, we

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feeding the poor in Bangalore

Moving Forward

After a visit to India in November 2015 we had to make the decision to cut-down on the food parcels for the poor and needy as the monthly gift was not enough to cover them and the needs of the children/home.  Our hope is that we will receive more sponsorship

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Children praying at Bethesda

Building a house of Prayer/Worship

Having read recently the article about the celebrity who shaved her head and raised £75m for charity got me to wondering whether we should do something as radical as this? Then I thought NO because our God is much bigger and if we are doing things in accordance to His

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