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Bethesda Children’s Home


The Bethesda Children’s Home Trust has been set up to help orphans and widows as well as poor and needy families.  Bethesda means “House of Mercy”.  It is the vision of the Trust to provide in the following ways to poor and destitute families.

Bethesda currently have 17 poor and needy families they are supporting and this number is increasing daily.  By providing nutritious food rather than money they are helping to feed whole families not just the children.  AFIRM feel called to provide monthly donations to this Trust in order that they can purchase food parcels. Any donation big or small will help get this work started.

AFIRM India supports the work of Bethesda Joy Charitable Trust and Bethesda Children’s Home which is a registered Trust in India.

Bethesda Children’s Home provides housing, food, clothing and a secure and happy home for children who are orphans or who come from very poor and needy backgrounds.

It is the aim of AFIRM India to provide these children with the love, care and security they need to grow. We ensure they receive good education, we treat each child as unique and of worth and value. We encourage the children to reach their full potential by providing education and teaching.

The home is run by Theresa and her husband Shekhar and their daughter Joyce who is currently doing a business degree and son James who will be going to bible college this year as his desire is to be a pastor.

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