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Bethesda Improvements

In October 2016 one of our Trustees and Co-Founder, Gill Rosser, visited Bethesda.

There have been many improvements put in place:

  • CCTV cameras have been installed
  • The kitchen has been refurbished
  • A new vehicle purchased
  • New furniture purchased
  • A library

During the visit Gill was able to purchase a 43” TV.  A DVD player was donated to the home together with a number of films.  The children now enjoy a Movie Night once a week.

Children of Bethesda enjoying a movieA trip to FunWorld was the highlight of the visit and the children really enjoyed themselves.

A three piece suite was purchased for the home in order that the family and children could have a little comfort.

Much work has been done in order to facilitate the application to gain full FCRA permission. This is needed in order for us to continue to be able to transfer funds to Bethesda.  An official from the government in Delhi paid a visit to Bethesda to inspect the home and he made some very favourable remarks and was very impressed with the way things were run.

The children continue to do well in school.  The school has a new head and we have had to purchase two sets of uniforms for each child which has been an added expense.

Since November the government took two of the main rupee notes out of circulation and this has put much strain on the financial state of the whole country.  There have been 3+mile queues at the banks and it has been very difficult to purchase every day needs.

We continue to seek the way ahead for Bethesda and still have a bigger vision to be able to move the children from the current home to some land outside of Bangalore where the air will be cleaner and the children will have space to run and play.

The two new children who came into the home in June are doing well, they are now attending school and enjoying learning.

If you would like any further information or would like to sponsor any of our children and/or our projects please do contact us.

Gill Rosser


Afirm India


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