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Children praying at Bethesda

Building a house of Prayer/Worship

Having read recently the article about the celebrity who shaved her head and raised £75m for charity got me to wondering whether we should do something as radical as this? Then I thought NO because our God is much bigger and if we are doing things in accordance to His will He will provide for ALL our needs.

We are currently praying for enough money to build a House of Prayer/Worship in a small unreached village in the south of India. This small building would provide a place of worship and prayer as well as a place to store food purchased for the poor and needy. It would be a gathering place for believers and non-believers and provide children from poor families with a place to come and receive extra lessons. We feel the Lord said:

You do not need to shave your head, But instead
Ask the Lord of Lord and King of Kings
Who is the provider of All Things

The land is in place, all we need is a small amount of money to build the House of Prayer visit this site. If you feel you can help in any way then please contact us, any gift big of small would help.

with thanks & Blessings

Afirm India


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