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Coronavirus Causes Crisis

April 20th 2020

I am aware that the Coronavirus is causing dreadful suffering worldwide. However in India there is the added suffering in that the lockdown has left millions of the poorest people in India living in poverty with no access to food.

All sources of manual labour have been closed down and many are unable to work and if they cannot work they have no food!! They have no access to foodbanks, handouts from the government – they are left to “fend for themselves”.

Self-isolating in India can mean that a lot of family members are crammed in very small dwellings with no food.

Our teams out in Bangalore are busy feeding as many as they can. They have given food to Old People’s homes, poor and needy families, migrant workers and many more. A typical food parcel to feed a family for a month will cost £25.

I understand these are difficult times but I would ask you to prayerfully consider giving just £25 to feed a family in India for a month. In the 21st Century no family should go hungry. These are unprecedented times – your help will be hugely appreciated.

You can donate via Paypal or email us at and we will let you have the charity account details to send the funds direct into our account.

Thank you



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