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Coronavirus Affects Poor


India – COVID-19 Lockdown means no food or work for the poor and migrant workers, because of the outbreak in India at the beginning of March both sources of income have dried up and as the Coronavirus cases in India climb, imposing a Lockdown of 1.4 billion people was always going to be challenging.  The movement restrictions are proving to be economically devastating for India’s poor who live in extreme poverty.

The announcement just hours before the lockdown was due to start caused an exodus among the working poor.  AFIRM-India team along with volunteers have shown great enterprise and tried to ease the distress of marginalized sections of the society including daily wage labourers, the homeless population, beggars, slum dwellers, several low income groups as well as the elderly who live alone.

AFIRM-India along with the volunteers have been reaching out to people affected by the lockdown, by providing them with food and food parcels.  The volunteers have been taking necessary hygiene precautions by wearing gloves and face masks and using hand sanitizers during food distribution.

We have provided ration kits for more than 300 families as well as the elderly.  We have also provided 200 vegetable parcels for 200 migrant families.  We have also provided food and medicine to Old Aged homes.

As of 30th April 2020 we have served more than 1000 poor and destitute families.

With your help we could do more.  £25 will provide a family with a food parcel for a month.  Please give as much or as little as you can – everything helps.  Please go to our donation page for ways to give.