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May 2016 Update

The 5 Trustees of AFIRM visited Bethesda in November 2015. Whilst we were there we looked at various plots of land with a view to purchase.

Due to certain Indian rules and regulations we have had to delay the purchase of land until we have been granted FCRA permission, we envisage this to be sometime this year. In the meantime the home is running well, all the children are happy and progressing well in school. One of our girls was awarded Best Student of the Year at school.

We have many children still waiting to come into Bethesda unfortunately due to lack of space this is not divyapossible. However we have agreed to take in one new girl. This is Divya; she is approximately 6 years old and lives in a remote village on the outskirts of Bangalore where none of the girls in the village are allowed to be educated. Divya’s mother heard of Bethesda and approached us, her Father abandoned them and the mother is struggling to feed her and would like her daughter to receive an education.

Bethesda is currently applying for Child Court permission; this is a legal requirement for all homes in India. In order to comply with the regulations we have had CCTV cameras installed and purchased fire extinguishers and had the kitchen moved. We are hopeful of being granted permission soon.
After our visit we saw the desperate need to purchase a vehicle for Bethesda. This has now been done and has proved a blessing.

If you feel you can help in any way either by sponsorship, making a payment towards the cost of the vehicle or helping with school fees please do contact us browse around this web-site. Any amount big or small will make a BIG difference.

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