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feeding the poor in Bangalore

Moving Forward

After a visit to India in November 2015 we had to make the decision to cut-down on the food parcels for the poor and needy as the monthly gift was not enough to cover them and the needs of the children/home.  Our hope is that we will receive more sponsorship to enable us to put these back in place. We also employ a lady to do the cooking for the children, a cleaner and a driver.

With this in mind, we knew that we needed a better platform to attract donations and volunteers. Through a friend of the Church we engaged the services of Cheltenham based Website developer Mike Crisp Multimedia to build us a new website, fit for the modern demands of search engines and smart phone users. We hope that this, combined with the efforts of our 5 trustees that this will increase the amount of assistance we can deliver to those in need.

Please, if having read this you feel you can help make a difference to people like those below, contact us or make a donation web based project management.

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