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It has been many months since we wrote and a lot has happened in the life of Bethesda since May last year.

In August 2017 our Founder/Trustee, Gill, paid a short visit to Bethesda.  The home is running well and the girls are all happy and studying well.  Major works were being done by the government on the road outside the home which will bring great improvements to the access.

In October a mother came to the home with her 4 girls.  Her husband had abandoned them and she had tried to kill herself and the girls.  A lady in her village told her about Bethesda.  The girls were mixed ages and as only two of them were over the age of 6 we were only able to take 2.  Their names are Priya and Deepa, they have never been educated as it is a rule in the village that no girls are to receive education.  They were immediately registered in school and have excelled in learning.  It took a while for them to settle but now they are part of the family.  These two girls have no sponsors yet so if you wish to sponsor one or two of them please do contact us

All the children are doing exceptionally well in school. The children had an Annual School day in December and won medals and certificates in sports and co-cultural activities.  Two of our oldest girls, Manjula and Estherlina will be taking their final exams in March.  At home they study and play well together as one family.

Theresa, Shekhar, Joyce and James are the family who take care of the children and home.  Shekhar does our driving and running around, he became very unwell at the end of 2017 and was in hospital for a couple of weeks.  He is now recovering slowly although is very weak.

We are still waiting for registration with the Child Welfare Office, new rules have meant re-submitting all the forms and files and it has been a lot of work but we are confident that this will be given in the coming months.

In the UK the Trustees have been working hard to maintain the charity and fundraise for the work.  The Annual Accounts were completed and resubmitted to the charity Commission having been signed off by a Chartered Accountant.

Sunyana and Rohit organised and hosted a Bollywood Concert in Beckenham, a fun time was had by all who attended and much needed funds raised for the work.  A big well done to them and their family for organising this very successful event.

On the 17th March 2018 a Choir called the Joyful Noise Ecumenical Choir are performing Jerusalem Joy in Croxley Green.  See Poster below for details.

Do come and join us.

Our dream to purchase a plot of land and build a new purpose-built home with enough land to grow crops is getting closer.

We would like to finish by thanking you all for your support.

Every Blessing

The Trustees

Afirm India


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